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Oahu & Maui

Stay Aloha Properties offers a transparent approach to everything we do

Don’t be fooled by the lowest fee on the Islands, we are not a cut rate service. With state of the software, dynamic pricing software, multiple inspections, all essentials, and free welcome gifts for guests, no one is offering more for less with our concierge co-host service. Owners that have switched are making 7-15% more revenue. Are you currently getting average or below average reviews? Reviews matter! Having a 5 star service makes your property more bookable. Do you have boots on the ground? Having a local presence when it comes to maintaining your vacation rental property and serving the needs of your guests is crucial to long term success.

Nobody provides more revenue, better property care, and world class customer service for guests and owners

MAUI- Our team lives and works on both sides of the island(West and South) so we know the Maui market inside and out. It also means we can respond to and resolve issues quickly and with minimal guest disruption. 

OAHU- We have team members in the Waikiki and Ala Moana area that offers the same boots on the ground approach as our team on Maui. Oahu properties get the same attention to detail, customer service, guest  experience, response time, and overall quality. We are excited to welcome our Oahu Ohana and have started onboarding properties. 

As avid travelers, real estate investors, and Forbes 5 star experience we know what makes an unforgettable stay for the guest consistently. Our reviews say it all.

When it comes to interaction with our owners you get the same response time and experience as the guests do. You also deal with the owners of the company, not employees. 5 star service and Aloha for everyone. 

Revenue Optimization

There are a lot of rate tools out there, but the tools are only as good as the people using them. We have the sophisticated rate tools, but more importantly, we have the knowledge, expertise, and resources to make the most of them. This ensures that you are always earning maximum revenue across all market conditions. Don’t believe it? Our owners will speak with you on their experience and results! How’s that for a testimonial.

Effective Marketing Strategies

The field of marketing play a huge part in exposure, but there are many variables when it comes to getting your property rented. We have the data and know how to what matters when it comes to optimizing your property’s listing and what platforms bring the best exposure.

Quality assurance post cleaning pre arrival inspection

Every property undergoes our post cleaning/ pre arrival inspection to make sure the property is ready for the guests arrival. This assures consistency and quality every single time, as well as keeping the unit in excellent condition while being rented.

Commitment to Cleanliness

Our ISSA approved cleaning standards uphold the highest standards of cleanliness in the vacation rental industry. Our cleaning crew supplies all essentials for the entire stay of the guests and has their own inspection checklist prior to our quality assurance agent coming into inspect.

Complete Transparency

People talk about transparency all the time. What’s more transparent than uploading a receipt or an invoice directly from a sub contractor. We have NO internal markups for anything that your property needs. If you need a lightbulb you are charged for the lightbulb, not the two minutes it took to put it in. When something needs to be coordinated we do it, with no charge to you.


We started out as investors managing our own vacation rentals here. Owners put their faith in us because we align in every way. We strive to deliver transparency, integrity, straightforward pricing, and dedicated services to both our owners and guests. Property condition is prioritized at the top with guest experience. Utilizing our Maui market knowledge and Forbes 5 star experience we know how to handle your property and guests. We have 10 open spots left on Maui and will never let quantity affect our quality. Once we are filled up, that’s it. Join the Stay Aloha Ohana while you can.  Mahalo Nui Loa.