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Lahaina Strong

Our beloved and historic town of Lahaina, once the capital of the Hawaiian Kingdom, has been completely decimated. Lahaina town was the charming and quirky “heartbeat” of our island. The energy this town gave off was unmatched. You just knew you were somewhere special. Lahaina’s famous 60-foot banyan tree, originally planted in 1873, is charred, but still standing, still breathing, and the illuminating light of hope for the entire island. 

There are over 2,000 structures that have been destroyed by the fires and up to 8,000 people have been displaced. The area affected accounts for over 2,170 acres. Lahaina fire Donations, Volunteers, and Assistance will be needed for the foreseeable future. Below is a list of ways to help the people, animals, and the land of Hawaii.

Here’s the History of our beloved Lahaina perfectly illustrated by

Help for Lahaina:

Maui Mutual Aid Fund

The Maui Mutual Aid Fund is made up of a group of volunteers who have created a real-time “needs list” that gets posted to their social media pages.

Maui Humane Society

The Maui Humane Society is looking for fosters and donations. They have also created a Maui Fires Pets Help Facebook group to serve “as a platform for individuals who are able to help to connect with those in need, without straining the resources at the shelter.”

Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement

The Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement pledged to match donations, which will “not only help them rebuild but also show the strength of our unity and aloha spirit.” *100 percent of the proceeds go to Maui organizations to support relief efforts.